In previous issues of the School Magazine, contributions from Verdala have taken their place along with those from Tal Handak. Now, we are the proud possessors of a section of the magazine all to ourselves. In fact, this issue reflects the relationship between Tal Handak and Verdala -- each School has a sufficiently strong identity of its own to warrant a magazine of its own, yet each is a part of one whole, The Royal Naval School, Malta, so that it is good to bind the two sections together into one magazine and thus indicate our unity.

All this, however, means that we at Verdala need contributors who will produce the number and quality of articles needed for a good magazine - stories of interesting events in which you have taken part; accounts of various happenings of the school year; how to carry out some hobby in which you are particularly interested: short stories and poems. These are a few of the things which make a School Magazine attractive. There is no need to wait until it is near the publication date - write your contributions as they occur to you, immediately after the events while the memory is fresh and submit them then. Besides making it easier for you, this also helps the editor by giving more time to arrange the magazine.

Finally, although I have been here some time, this is the first opportunity I have had of going into print to say how pleased I am to be here and how glad to find such a fine spirit every-where amongst the pupils, the staff and the parents.


Cmdr Bellamy

Easter 1954