More than a hundred children passed into the Junior Department and many new children joined us at the beginning of the School year. They all seemed to like travelling to and fro by bus and soon settled into their classrooms in a building which no longer resembles the prison it once was. They enjoy advantages of a large playground and the P.T. lessons taken there, while we are also very lucky to have a large hall for singing and dancing lessons. At lunch time this is used as a dining room where the Staff take turns at supervising the feeding.
One afternoon, late in the Autumn Term. a mass Assembly for whole school was held. Our younger children took a keen rest in hearing how their Houses had fared in the competition for the shield in the Junior Department. Although we do not stress working for a House Team in our Department, the children love to think that their own particular House colour is best.
The five-year-olds made a very novel birthday card of drawing-and descriptions about their life in Malta, which they sent to Prince Charles. We were very excited when a letter of thanks was received from Buckingham Palace. This was put on view for a small contribution towards the Westminster Abbey Fund and quite a helpful sum was raised.
We are very glad to have part of this magazine for Verdala now and although our children are rather young to offer contributions some of them have tried very hard to write something. The selection of results that are printed are the chidren's own work with help given only in the spelling of- some hard words.