The School has continued to expand in numbers and during the Autumn Term has reached its greatest ever with 800 pupils, spread over seven Infant classes and fourteen Junior classes. Since then the total has stayed up near the 800 mark, so that we arc continually on the point of "bursting at the seams". The House system is now firmly established throughout the Junior School and the following House Captains and Vice Captains were elected early In the Autumn Term:-

- David Brownridge
- Marion Collingrldge
Vice Captains:-
- David Purkiss
- Gillian Newton
- Jeremy Mathers
- Maureen Woodward
Vice Captain:-
- Peter Tucker
- Margaret Benson
- Michael Daniels
- Ann Dewar
Vice Captains:-
- Michael Jackson
- Linda Allen
- Rodney Webster
- Veronica Brown
Vice Captains:-
- Norman Bennett
- Marianne Tottman

They have also acted as Prefects and are helping greatly in the day to day running of the School.
We have been pleased to see some very welcome visitors. Instructor Rear-Admiral W. A. Bishop, Director of the Naval Education Service, and Mrs. Bishop walked round Verdala on October 13th and left us feeling very happy in the knowledge of their great interest in the School. Similar thoughts come to mind about Rear-Admiral Salter's visit on January 25th, when he came to make his annual inspection as Flag Officer, Malta.

We have seen Instructor Captain Baxter (Fleet Instructor Officer) more frequently and were reluctant to say goodbye to him. At the same time, we are happy to welcome his relief, Instructor Captain Turvey.

We regret that we are unable to reproduce the many artists'impressions of these visits, which emanated from the Infant classes.

Open Day was held on November 13th, when parents took the places of their children for the afternoon. The large number of parents who attended cheered us immensely. We are pleased to see as many as possible on Open Day when all have the opportunity of seeing for themselves.what goes on here.

Another encouraging sight during the Autumn Term occurred during the two days of the Christmas Concert when the Hall was very well filled with very understanding and appreciative audiences. We are not quite "old troupers" yet but will borrow one of their stock phrases - "We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we enjoyed putting it on".

The shield for Best House in work, sport and general smartness during the Autumn Term was won by Nelson House.