Thanks for the message, and thanks for setting up an interesting website. As you may have spotted, I was one of the very few RNS Verdala pupils who can claim to have gone all the way through the school, from 1st year Infants to 4A. Teachers on the way include: Miss Stuttaford (Infants), Joan Perkins (1A and 2A) and Ken Radford (3A and 4A). Ken was actually a second-cousin (or something) to my father Roy Jenkins, and his daughter, Jane was in our class. Headmasters at the school in that period (that I remember) were: Cdr Brooks RN and Cdr Sumnall RN, with Peter Ross as deputy head all the way through, and Miss North as head of Infants, in succession to Molly Candey (again, if memory serves me correctly). Molly Candey, by the way, was the daughter of the first RNS headmaster. Other staff members I could probably put a face to include: Peter King, Jack Ousbey, John Why, Rex Carroll, Lina Farrugia, Ken Woodhams (I've been in touch with Jim), Bill Willsher - and probably many others, but I will have to dig the photos and old school magazines (and there are lots of them) out of my parents' home when I next travel to the UK. One picture my father has is of his 4A class in about 1961/2, and includes Ann Mintoff, older daughter of the erstwhile Maltese Premier post independence, and includes Sue Adams (now head of a British Forces School in Germany) and Stephen Westacott, whose name I found on the FR site. Like you, I, too, was Captain/Vice captain of Nelson (63-64). I saw the photo of Cubs 1964 - must have been one of Jim Woodhams. I am in the centre of the pic, with Jim on my left, Ken Gadd on my right, Nick Holloway immediately behind me (looking, I have to say, the epitome of a 60s urchin!!), Michael Deas on the far right of the seated row and John Woodhams (I think) in front of his brother. If you are interested in such things, I should also add that my mother was Akela at the time. I was at Verdala when the swimming pool was erected on the bastion behind the Art room - and I was also there in 1976, as a Pilot Officer, when the pool was dismantled and moved up to Luqa. I could bang on for hours with memories etc, but I will leave now tih the promise that I will visit the site often and do my best to submit as much info, pics as I can asap. Once again, thanks for the site. Best regards Chris Jenkins