Proposed Malta get together September 2016 - being organised for the week of Monday 19th - 25th September.

As before people can plan a holiday around these dates or just come for this particular week. I have been in contact with Malta Direct and the name of the person you need to contact is Jessica - her direct number is 0207 3415987 but if you cannot reach her on this number the alternative number is 0808 2564836. You all need to quote VERDALA SCHOOL REUNION.

I have been in touch with the Regency/Plaza again and the Manager is happy to give us the large room overlooking the water for a private reception and provide a hot and cold buffet with wine at a very reasonable price. This would be for the initial drinks reception at the beginning of the week. Obviously I am keen for as many people to stay here as possible but it is not compulsory.

The hotel has at the moment got 30 rooms available in various combinations of inland rooms and partial sea views and full sea views. Prices will depend on availability. There are a few single inland rooms but these ARE small. Perhaps the better choice would be for a twin room with single occupancy? This hotel has been totally refitted since 2014 and for value for money for a bed and breakfast stay it is very good. But it is a 3*. We stayed there again in September 2015 and everything was fine.

I have suggested this hotel because although it is quite basic it is in a fabulous position and the staff are lovely. However, Malta Direct has all sorts of hotel choices on its books. Bear in mind that wherever you decide to stay this will be the HUB - there is a lovely cafe belonging to the hotel for food and drinks or just coffee right in front of the hotel. It is also very close to the seafront for swimming in the sea and all the waterfront cafes and the buses stop right outside the hotel.

I do suggest booking early and the important thing is to make sure you have insurance just in case you have to cancel the booking after paying some money. As Malta Direct use many airlines some require the deposit to be the price of the airfare with the balance paid later.  Just make sure you all have valid insurance to cover all situations.

Anybody who is interested in this venture please let me know as soon as you can - my email address for this is -

Those people who are making their own way to Malta - and people already on the island - please let me know of your interest so that I have an idea of total numbers.

I have also been in contact with Rita from the school and so a school visit is also being organised. The school this year is taking in girls for the first time and Rita is keen to keep the interest going.

Last time we used the Malta Water Polo club for the final dinner - I might look at this again and see if I can negotiate a decent price.

Looking forward to hearing back from you all asap.

Pauline Mendez