Verdala Reunion Update

 30 November 2002

Confirmed Attendance

 As you can imagine, there has been a lot of interest in the Reunion from the 400 or so people that we have been able to contact via the Friends Reunited and Verdala websites and attendance numbers are building steadily. 

We’ve also received dozens of emails from pupils all over the world who can’t come but who send their best wishes and want to be remembered on 30 November. See section on Greetings from Abroad below. 

However, we’re very aware that we have only been able to reach a tiny proportion of ex-pupils and staff and would welcome any assistance you can give to tracking down others. 

Below is a list of people who have confirmed their attendance together with several others who have expressed their wish to come. We’re aiming for between 60-100 people to attend so we are well on our way to achieving this. 

We realise that the costs may seem a bit prohibitive for some people, particularly if you have to add the cost of travel, but, having visited Wiston House, please try to think of the Reunion as not just an  opportunity to meet up with old friends but to get away from it all and enjoy a weekend in beautiful surroundings. 

Both Wiston House and its grounds are stunning and the quality of the accommodation is truly luxurious. So why not treat yourself? Instead of spending the weekend flogging round Sainsburys, ferrying ungrateful children backwards and forwards, or sitting slumped in front of the TV watching some ghastly popstar wannabe, get away from it all and do something just for yourself. 

Over the last few weeks, we’ve received lots of queries about the event, so here are a selection of FAQs: 

What is the dress code? 

There is no dictate on this but ‘smart casual’ is recommended.  

Can I bring my partner? 

Again, entirely up to you. So far, roughly half are bringing their partners, some of whom will be joining us and others who will be doing their own thing. If you think that your other half will enjoy it and you would enjoy the weekend with them, then bring them along. If you think you’d have a better time without them, then come on your own as the rest of us are. 

After-dinner entertainment 

We’re hoping to screen a selection of pictures that people have brought after dinner if we have enough material. Gordon Husbands has been pressured into volunteering to scan material onto his laptop on the day. As this may mean that he spends his entire afternoon on the computer, do please send any photographs that you would like to show through to Christiane Morris, 3 Parkside, Ravenscourt Park, London W6 0UU before the event and we can then return them to you on the day. 


Depending on numbers, we are also thinking about having a disco or, at least, some music in the Great Hall after dinner. As we have the run of Wiston House, this won’t interfere with anyone who would prefer to continue chatting in the library, common room, bar or conservatory. 

What if I don’t know anyone who’s going? 

As the vast majority of us haven’t met for between 25 and 50 years, we are all going to be in the same boat. Many of us have corresponded via email over the last weeks and months but have either not met since we were children or have no recollection of each other at all! Don’t worry. The 30th November will be a mass platonic blind date for all of us! 

Confirmed Attendance


Mr John Why and Mrs Why
Miss McMeeking (Liz Mardel)
Miss Barbara Kernahan
Mrs Eaton (Ivy Jackson)
Miss Vera North and Betty Weir
Mr Graham King
Captain Michael Law and Mrs Law
Miss Margaret Townsend
Joyce Rippin
Shirley Jarman (Roberts) and husband Michael
Mr Rex Carrell and Mrs Carrell
Jane Algar
Jennifer and John Lowis

Pupils (maiden name listed)

Linda Beveridge and husband
Linda Broadbent
Anne Caley
Christine Catton
Tony Clark and Mrs Clark
Mike Conlan
Hazel Cox
Pamela Cox
Frank Featherstone
Fiona Green/White
Julian Hayward
Pauline Hargreaves
Marilyn Hills
Lin Holdsworth
Gordon Husbands
Chris Jenkins
Richard King
Steve Lock
Helen Male
Steve Mathews and wife
Patricia Miles (Bingham) and husband
Christiane Morris
Jenny New
Alastair Newman
Marion Nicholson
Stephen Nicholson
Julie Nicholson
Maureen Nowlin
Helen Parker
Sadie Parker
Sally Petersen
Martin Powell
Heather Prime/Taylor and husband
Vincent Ramsey
Janet Rawson
Amanda Reucroft
Janice Reucroft
Phillip Rose
Hugh Satow
Peter Sorensen
Margaret Todd
Mary Todd
Jim Woodhams
Steve Wrenn (Gwilliam)
Tony Wright

Greetings from abroad 

Alana Cantwell in Australia
Paul Readings in Canada
David Sandison in Singapore
Sheila Trudgett in Greece
Colin Searle who will be in France
Peter Prictoe who will be in Malta
Penny Tucker in Australia
Miss Jill Stinton who will be in Spain


 List of former staff and pupils who’ve sent good wishes for the reunion via Liz Mardel and asked to be remembered to former colleagues and pupils.  Dates may not be accurate! – kindly amend if possible.


Alma Smith (Miss Batty) 1955-60 ? (Miss) Joan Watson   1955-60 ? (Miss) Jill Stinton   1956-60  ? (Miss) Kathy Burke  1956-59  ? (Mrs) Pauline Allen  1958-60  ? Pat Shearing (Miss Whitelaw)1959-62  ? (Miss) Winifred Townsend 1958-61  ? (Ms) Daphne Butters  1956-61  ? (Cmdr.)  Ken Northey  ? (Mr)  Bill Willsher  1954-59  ? (Mr)  Jack Ousbey  1956-62  ?