14 August 2005 UPDATE


Greetings to all other reunion-goers!

September 17th gallops closer!  Lin is very busy with the bookings and other arrangements for the Verdalans’ visit.   I said that I would help her so it’s high time I got in contact with everyone who’ll be part of the group in Malta next month.

We really need to know what everyone is expecting and hoping for from the week – being free to spend the time as we choose or have visits arranged?  We will all have old special haunts that we want to revisit and people we want to see but how much do we want to do as a party and how much time do we want to spend ‘doing our own thing’ – whether at the beach, round the pool or seeing the sights?

Speaking for myself, in 1992 I went with my husband to see the impressive audio-visual ‘Malta Experience’ in the old Knights’ Hospital in Valletta and would be very happy to go again.  I’d also like to revisit the St Elmo War Museum and see the Lascaris War Rooms which were opened since our visit.  A harbour trip by boat is a must – round Grand Harbour and/or Marsamxett!  I have quite a yen to walk all round the school site on the outside of the walls – at ground level if that’s a possibility - and I’m looking forward to Bill and Tony showing us where the shelters were under the school in 1941 and 2!  I’d also like to see the site of the old lido on Manoel Island (parts of the island are apparently having a much-needed face-lift).  No, I never went swimming there but it’s now the site of the Royal Malta Yacht Club where my No 2 daughter tied up last year after the 3-day Middle Sea Race. She'd found herself in the same crew as the son of a man my late husband sailed with there nearly 50 years ago!  (I said we all have our own special places!)

I haven’t opted to hire a car – thought it might be more of a hindrance than a help – but perhaps those memorable buses will have lost their nostalgic charm by the end of seven days!  Or hopefully we can share taxis sometimes.

Has anyone seen the Cottonera Waterfront Regeneration Project in Vittoriosa behind St Angelo which, according to my new guide book, is due to be finished this year?  It says that ‘Historic shoreline buildings are being converted into hotels, cafes and restaurants and pontoons are being laid for a yacht marina’.  That’s where I drew and painted the naval water boats in 1960! The old naval bakery there now houses the Marine Museum.  Looks like an interesting area to spend half a day!

Of course how much or little we feel like doing depends a lot on the heat at the time we’re there!  If the places I’ve mentioned are of no interest to you please say so and mention on the attached sheet any places you would like to visit as part of a group.  If you’d rather go on your own – then that’s fine, we just want it to be a very enjoyable week for everyone!

I’m attaching a sheet with some questions to start getting our brains into gear and   we’ll be open to any suggestions you want to make (well, within reason!)  (And incidentally, I’m not a very efficient organiser so if anyone feels like taking over some of it I’m open to offers …….!!)

I’ll be in touch again before the 17th and look forward to hearing from you

Best wishes   -   Liz

Another thought - when you reply to the questions about the places you'd like to visit, what about also sending a short CV - when were you at the school, what did you do afterwards, where do you live now etc.  I can put them together and send them to everyone so that we're not all total strangers when we meet!  If you'd rather not, then that's OK.