Mini Staff Reunion June 2002



Former Verdala staff 40-50 years on.

In June 2002 five ex-Verdala staff members had lunch together overlooking Portsmouth. Far side of table L. to R. Ivy Jackson (Mrs Eaton, Infant Head 1953-57) Alma Smith (Miss Batty, Infant and Junior Staff 1954-60) (Miss) Barbara Kernahan (Junior Staff 1956-60) and (Miss) Vera North (Infant Head 1957-63) (The fifth, Liz Mardel, was behind the camera!) Near side of table Left and Right Phyllida and Brian Smith and Centre, BettyWeir, a friend..



Next day saw the wedding of the youngest-ever(?) Verdala pupil!
Kevin was 3 when his mother, now Alma Smith, returned briefly in 1969 to take a new reception class and Kevin went with her! Here are Sally and Kevin Smith with L to R Liz Mardel (Miss McMeeking, Junior staff 1957-61) Ivy Jackson (Mrs Eaton) (Miss) Vera North and  Alma Smith (Miss Batty.)