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72303/04/2023PatriciaMcGreenI attended Verdala 1963-1965, I don't really remember much except a stupendous thunderstorm one day. We lived in Kalkara and Dad was stationed at RNH Bighi. My brother Alan attended Tal Handaq.
72215/03/2023SuzanneLewisIsttended from May 1953 to July 1954
72116/09/2022LesleyHarveyI went to Verdala in 1952-54 as a 6 year old.
I really cannot remember very much except finishing school early and going swimming at St Paul Bay.
My father was Arthur Harvey and was a PTI he died in 2000.
We lived in Marshall Court and i revisited it when i returned to Malta 6 years ago.
We had a Coronation party in the court and watched a recording of the event in the cinema in Sliema.
My younger sister caught Polio and spent many months in hospital.
I wish i could remember names
72021/09/2021Jill PothecaryLived in Malta 69-72. Father was First Lieutenant of Saint Angelo Naval Base.
Went to Verdala and sister attended Tal Handaq.
Cdr Bond was Headteacher. Had such a wonderful time at Verdala and living in Malta generally, a perfect life.
71902/07/2021LindsayFreemanWent to Verdala 1955-57, my father was RN Comms, at Manoel Island. We have been back twice and are going again on 6/10/21. I worked for EC in Brighton, a Maltese owned language school.
71830/05/2021StephenHuntI just realized that I haven’t visited the site since 2004 and my email address changed in 2006. I don’t know if anyone has tried to contact me in the interim. This is my new email.
I’m uploading a couple of school reports (1962-1964) and a photo of me in my school uniform, 1963, when I lived at ‘pretty house’ on nasju ellu road in Sliema.
I’ve tried to remember classmates names but drawn a blank except, maybe Catherine Gardener....
71712/09/2020NicholasPenneyMy brothers Stephen,Adrian and i attended Verdala 1963-64 . Remember the sunshine and swimming the most. Mum would let us go swimming in Kalkra creek during the afternoons great time . Dad worked at RN w/t Station Rinella.
71629/10/2019TonyJordanHi all, went to Verdala during early 70s head master Cmmdr Bond who told me during our 1st meeting that by the time I left the island I would be swimming like a fish he was right learnt to swim in Sliema off the rocks! Was in the Drakes and recall having a great sports day winning 3 events and the Drakes winning the overall sports day! Leaving at lunchtime and spending my afternoons on the rocks like a little native, playing football with all boys loved it! Got some photos which I would like to post.......went back this year brought back so many memories!!
71512/10/2019AlastairNewmanI have just seen Linda's Guest Book posting. I have not had such a good laugh for a long time..... I am probably still annoying!
71411/10/2019LindaPattisonAttended Verdala from 64-67. Lovely memories. Was in Nelson house. Teacher was a Sheena Mutch. Very inspirational woman. Can't remember names of other pupils apart from one annoying boy, Alistair Newman! Father worked in Dingli Wireless station and we lived in Egmont Close. Great times
71320/09/2019PaulAmbroseI attended Verdala 1960 to June 1963. I have previously logged into this guestbook but no longer appear. I recollect Mr Carrol, Keith Allen, David Budd, Vanessa New and Rona Smith. I played for the A football team in 63 when we won the league. Would love to hear from anyone whose memory this may jog.
71212/08/2019JohnLassanI was there in 1963/4 & my mother, Joan Lassan, taught the reception class at the same time. This was the only time that I was ever in my mothers' class & years later she told me that I was a right little so & so (putting it politely!). I guess at 4yrs old I couldn't differentiate between mother & teacher.
I don't suppose anyone remembers her. Would love to hear from you.
71122/07/2019SimonHampsonI was in the infants 1968/9
71009/07/2019Andrew TebbI attended 1964-65. My late brother Steven also went, moving to Tal-Handaq in 1964.
70915/05/2019Gloria Ryall (Now Gomm)I was at Verdala 1955-58, I remember flying out on a Comet aircraft, and having terrible problem with my ears! We lived with a Maltese family in Birkirkara. Father was on HMS Forth. I remember him going off the the Suez Crisis, also going out to sea as there was a Polio case on board.
I don’t remember much about lessons but I had an accident in the playground.... ran into another pupil and had concussion, resulting into a huge black eye. Also doing my 11 plus. Went back in 1971 when my husband was on a visit on board HMS Eagle. I’m afraid I can’t remember any names of pupils or teachers.
70807/05/2019SusanStevenI was Susan Davies and my 2 brothers were Alan and Paul, was in verdala early 70s
70722/04/2019DavidCrawfordI was given a photo of the football team when I was at Verdala, I found this site and the picture of the football team on this site was before my time but some of the pupils in the photo are in the picture I have. I was at Verdala in the 70’s, I’ve read some of the posts on this site, I remember the Vulcan exploding, the play we put on, and like someone else on this site wearing green tights(I never thought I’d own up to that), remember the swimming pool, playing marbles or picking up shot from around the school, the school bus races. singing on the bus, one song always stuck with me was -: My fathers the Lord Mayor, and the repeating part of buying or knicking brasso from NAAFI. I think I lived at Glen Eagles, I remember when we use to finish school and we’d go to Rob’s Lido( can’t remember what it was really called) it’s what us kids called it who lived in the block of flats, collecting empty bottles and returning them for money, benifits of being a forces brat. I remember we acquired a sailing board without the sail and we headed out of the bay until a RM popped up in front of us and promptly guided us back to our frantic mums who promptly told us in not so many words not to do that again. Seeing this site, the pictures and comments has brought back good memories. Best wishes to all who went to Verdala.
70605/04/2019JanetMorleyI was at Verdala 63/64. Mr Radcliffe was my form teacher
I lived on RN w/t Station Rinella. My late brother Andrew also attended Verdala 63-66.
70525/02/2019PippaMarlandI attended Verdala between 1973 and 1975. My best friend was called Belinda. She had red hair and might have been Scottish. She left the school before I did. I'd love to make contact with her! Pippa
70404/01/2019RichardCaneI attended Verdala in 1957 or thereabout and remember Miss Candy so well. Belonged to Nelson House and loved sports. Lived in Sliema in Egmont Close.....great memories of Malta, Maltese friends, the De Domenico family, Victor, Evelyn, their daughters Angela and ?. Have returned many times.....Bless Malta. R.
70301/11/2018FredrickHolderI attended Verdala in the 50s left in 55.WE lived on Fleet St. My teachers were Ms Candy and Mrs Row the sports teacher was Mr Wiltshire.
I lived in Gzira and went to school on a bus from the waterfront.
I remember playing on the climbing frame and the lunches in the main hall.I also remember being in Christmas pantomimes one was Sleeping Beauty and the other was Robinson Curusoe.
My father was on the ship HMS Ranpura which was berthed at Manoel Island.
I also recall the Foster family who lived in our building and the Evans family who lived across the street.
70204/09/2018SusanEllisI attended Vedala between 1965-1968 and I lived in No 4 Sur Fons Street Sliema. My father was at HMS Bighi. His name was Alan Ellis and I have a sister called Carol that is two years older than me and a brother called Trevor that is four years younger than me. I used to play with my best friend called Rebecca that lived in the flat opposite ours in the same block.
70107/05/2018StephenByrne(5 Jan 1972) British military schools close as plans for withdrawal from Malta continues
70015/03/2018AdrianFitzgeraldI was at Verdala 1953-55 and then again 1956-58. I remember we put on the play Peter Pan. I was one of the waves!!
69908/02/2018KeithGrayHi All - was at Verdala 1972-74. I remember Jane Murphy, Kim Gray, Dawn Seaman, Carol Calcott, Vincent Ramsey, Graham Paxton. Also Dawn (can't recall last name). CMD Bond (Head), Mr Medleycot. The swimmimg pool. The carving in the brickwork of former soldier's regimental badges. I recall early finishes in the summer. Most memorable times of my childhood.
69805/02/2018LindaBlakelockI am trying to find out if my sister Elizabeth Blakelock went to this school we have a photo taken in 1951 My family lived in Valetta for 3 years
thanks Linda
69731/01/2018AnnPhillipsI was at Verdala from 1967-70. So many memories- my class teachers were Mr Perkins, and (twice I think) Mr Why. He was such an inspiring music teacher . I remember playing marbles and that jumping game with elastic!, the Blue,and White Ladies- imaginary ghosts? Brownies, the climbing frames, and school drama productions. I remember performing in the Wind in the Willows, and my my friend Shelley Jones and I produced Cinderella once we had done our 11 plus in 1969 or 1970. Friends' names- Alison Williams, Sarah Spreckley, Christine Banwell, Shelley Jones, and a very cool girl called Deborah who lived on a boat in T'a Biex marina!!
69620/01/2018AngelaCaldwell Nee BamberSome of your members may be saddened to know of the sudden death of my brother, Geoffrey Bamber, on 30 September last. He died while doing what he loved best - messing around with boats at his local sailing club in Toward, Argyll, Scotland.
69518/11/2017AnthonyHuntI was at Verdala in 1961-2, in Miss Perkins class. Certainly the best primary school teacher I ever had. Stimulated my imagination in subjects and provided the answers. I made two years progress in one. Many thanks.
69412/10/2017RobertLeyHi all,

!972 - 74 - great times, i remember Steve Holmwood, Grame Paxton and Vincent Ramsey> Two girls come to mind in my class a fiona? and a Dawn Seaman?
I think I was in Tedder House if they were red?
I remember being in the school play wearing green tights with Vincent!!
69308/10/2017AnitaStapley (Now Broad)Hi everyone, so pleased to have found this site! Verdala was my first school, so it must have been 1965 I guess. I wish I could remember more about it, but sadly I don't. I have in the back of my mind a memory about there being a ghost (?) maybe I made it up! We lived in 2 Eagle Flats, Upper Arcade Street (Road?) Paola. My Mum is Brenda Stapley and my late Dad was Arthur, known as Rueb. I don't know what the street is called in Maltese, or whether it's still there, but it was quite close to Paola Square I believe. Other navy families lived in the two flats below us; Jean and Ron King, daughters Lesley and Deborah were one of the families. We were in Malta from about 1963/4 to 1966ish. Does anyone remember St Anton Gradens? I only remember the name and the prickly pears!
69202/10/2017PatrickHearnI was at Verdala from 1954 to 1956. My father was on HMS Forth and we lived in Sliema. I always liked the sport and was in Drake house. Hope to visit Malta next year and look up the site of my old school.
69118/08/2017RichardCaneAstonished to see that this School roll….so fond in my memory…... is being cherished….. and remembered, especially Miss Candy who so patiently taught me fractions…what a slog……we moved back to England and in …..YES LONG AGO…..emigrated to Vancouver in 1960 then to Victoria where we now reside.
My father …Commander W. J. Cane continued his marine career with the new and growing British Columbia Ferry system. He passed some 14 years ago.

We lived at Egmont Close……..great memories…….my first Girlfriend…..Jane Stubbs.

Richard Cane

Victoria Canada.
69011/08/2017LindaGoldsmithI was at Verdala in 1952 for a short time before we returned to UK. If I remember correctly my father (Frank) was on HMS Fierce and we lived in Gzira.
68916/07/2017RobPritchard Mixed memories of Malta and my time 1956 to 1958. We lived at St Joseph's St Senglea With my brothers Anthony and Keith Remember having to sit on the floor in rows for assembly. Visited the school in 2016, but was put of going into the grounds by the only enter on school business signs.
Also visited Kalkara Cemetery to pay my respects to Anthony
68807/06/2017GillianStevensonWas at verdala from 1952 to 1956 was pleased to find this web site, brings back memories
68727/04/2017JohnDunlopI am going back to Malta for the first time in 40 years in October and was amazed to find this website.
Is it still possible to visit the school?
I was at Verdala from '64 to '67 and of the teachers I remember Mr Wyse and Mr Ousbie. Of my classmates, I remember Christiane Morris, Andrew Morley and Michael Conlan (hope I've got the names right). I also remember summer afternoons off spent at Tigne Beach and the Marsa club.
68615/04/2017SueAdamsHope you are going to use it tomorrow Gillian!
68509/04/2017GillianStanleyI have a Malta weave egg cosy too Sue Adams!!!!
68405/04/2017UnaBarryLeaving Malta tomorrow after a weeks holiday and a trip down memory lane. I was in Malta between 1966 and 1969 and attended Verdala.
My father worked out at Dingli wireless station. We lived in Point Street, Sliema, (now George Borg St). Vivid memories of swimming off the rocks in Sliema, learning to swim of course before this, in the pool at Verdala. (The polystyrene floats). Playing marbles as previously mentioned.
Also attending Verdala were my younger sisters, Kathleen and Sheila.
Great to come across this website and read others memories.
68306/01/2017VincentRamseyAgain it has been a few years since I took a look here. I hope all ex-Verdalans are well. I was there from 1971 until 1974, except for a few months when we were sent off to Cyprus. My mother is Maltese, and still have family over there. It's been 42 years since I lived over there, and still have very fond memories. I have popped over a few times on hols...need to get back there really!
68213/11/2016LynettePresswellIt is so lovely to find this site, I was at Verdala for three years. We lived in Floriana, I have lots of pictures of Malta of my parents and I. I remember flying out to Malta with my mother in 1954 to joint my father who was an officer and had been stationed there a year or so before we flew out there. I remember lovely days at the beaches. I remember kindness at the school. I also remember being put on a school bus and being sent of to school, it felt a very long time ago. I was in a school play and I wss an elf, my dad made me a lovely green outfit and painted me some great elf ears.
68106/11/2016ClareHill Nee Walters Golly! Just found this. I was at Verdala from January 1959 till July 1962. A wonderful time for me as well. I loved it. I was in the B stream I recall Mrs Stuart was my teacher for the last year. And a very nice woman the year before who taught me how to crochet! I can't remember her name.
Yes, marbles, rollerskating, tumbling over the ropes. A very free , creative and egalitarian environment.
And in the entry class, a fabulous exercise about writing as an object in one's pocket! Great days.
68026/09/2016LesterPearceI was at Verdala 59/60 & 60/61. I recall Linda Morrell and Jane Masters but no other names. was there a teacher called Miss Townsend? Best time of my life. Does anybody remember me/have photos etc?
67902/08/2016Caroline SandersonBack in Malta for the first time since 1976. Had my entire primary education at Verdala. Happy memories of a fabulous place to grow up; playing marbles in the sun, struggling to reach the school bell through the tower bars and picking shot out of the cracks in the playground.
67830/06/2016HelenFlackI've just come back from a holiday to Malta which promoted me to search for information about my old school. I was at Verdala from 1966-1969. It was a very happy time. I have memories of being in the brownies, the climbing frames and the school bell in the centre of the quad.
Mr Why and learning to play the recorder started a life long love of music. I remember playing hymn tunes in assembly and driving my parents mad by practicing at home!
I remember the pool, playing marbles and writing huge long stories in English- was it with Mr Perkins?
Of course I remember the school busses, finishing early in summer and spending the rest of the day clambering over rocks and swimming in the bright blue sea.
Happy days.
67711/06/2016ChristopherForsterI have faint memories of going to school at Verdala in the early 1960's. I remember getting a bus there every day. I wish my memory was better because that's all I can recall.
67615/05/2016DavidJohnMemory a bit feint now but I have school reports from infants, autumn 50/spring 51/summer 51 till return to UK @ end of 51. We had a pink? chit & 4p per week for lunch, which were served @ Tal Handaq. I had to look @ on site photos to identify the sites.
Horrible memories of Baracca lift, ferry to Gozo running aground & us coming back @ night on naval launch on outside deck.
67530/04/2016GeoffRossI attended RNS Verdala in 1970 - 1971 right before we got evacuated. My father stayed behind in Malta to disassemble RNA Rinella and all the gear had to be shipped to England. I always remember playing marbles on the breaks.
67426/03/2016DebbieBramley (Was Boyes)I was there 1964-1966. Mr Woodhams was my form teacher. I was Velella in The Tale of the by the Wind Sailor.
Christianne Morris, Lyn Hardcastle and Jane Dunlop...are you out there? I am about to fly back to visit Malta and try to find the school !
67329/02/2016DesmondNewYes, I think for many Verdala was a wonderful adventure. We were there 1961-1964. Me, infants/1AJ/2AJ - my sister, Vanessa, 2 years ahead.
Ditto the bus races (we started in Spinola) and urging the drivers on - Mr Why and playing recorders/accordiettas - The Swimming Pool/Roller Skating/Marbles. Swimming every day after school - didn't we finish at 1pm in summer term? The Swimming Gala by Fort St Angelo. Banyans. Roaming the island on our own from the age of 5. The excitement of the Nutcracker (I was a china man). The Hydrofoil to Gozo. Freedom and Sunshine basically.
On return to England it was drizzling and the sea was freezing!!
67205/02/2016SheilaRichards-HydeLooking for Valerie Fletcher and Marie Fyfe who were in Malta same time as my family ( Swinn ) 1949 -1951.
67130/11/2015PaulDitcher A happy time at Verdala from 71-73
67017/10/2015DeborahFreedI attended Verdala school in 1970/71. I just found the website for the school and it brought back memories. Not sure if anyone remembers me.We left at the times of trouble in Malta and moved to Cyprus.
66916/10/2015DarrenSmithMid 70's pupil.
Funny how the last ever flight of the Vulcan bomber in the uK (2015) has brought me to this site.Obviously reminded me of the time the Vulcan exploded mid air near the school and my very happy days in Malta. There is even a picture of me and my brother in the '76 football team on here that we don't have. What an adventure it was. Did anyone move to RAF Luqa school as we did?
66809/03/2015RobertLewisLike so many, I remember the years at Verdala, with great fondness. I am struck by how many vivid memories I still have, though names of fellow student elude me.

I have records starting in 1961 though I might have been there earlier having moved to Malta in 1954 (age 3 months!). My first records are 1960/1961 Infants 3; B.E. Conidree(?)
1961/1962: Form 1C2J Form Teacher: J.M. Welch;
1962/1963: Form2B2J Form Teachers: J. Perkins/S. Bassett
1963/1964: Form 3B2 Form Teacher: M.P. Townsend

I am told by my father I was one very upset kid when I had to leave in late 1964.
66703/03/2015DavidBancroftHello fellow ex-pupils of Verdala.
I was trawling the internet and came across this fabulous site. I felt like a time traveller!!
I think that everyone has very similar memories of Verdala as I do, good friends,excellent staff, sunshine days and of course...THE BUS RACES in the morning and then doing at all again on the way home,Verdala was doing this way, way before the Wacky Races ever saw the light of television!!
Morning assembly would have our music teacher Mr.Why introducing us to various pieces classical music and a brief insight into the mornings composer
.The Verdala Wolf Cubs,always a lively event and i learned lots too.
On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, we would have school "clubs",everything from music and photography to swimming/lifesaving, games and art to mention a few of the more than lots that were available for the whole school. Playing marbles near the school swimming pool,choosing "sandwiches"or"NAAFI"for lunch (and a que a mile long for days when Paul would put ice cream on the menu).Obviously the climbing rope frame,I think everyone that ever walked up the school drive will remember those frames. I Recall near enough all of the the first rate teachers we had, those that taught me, including Mr.Radford, Mr.Woodhams, Miss Martin,Mr.Why,Mr.Perkins and Mr.Powell to name but a few. The Verdala first soccer X1, unbeaten champions 68-69,the team which included; 1-Steven Nicholson,2-me,3-Andy McCord,4-Martin Smith, 5-Paddy Boyle,6-Alan Wood,7-Steven Scott,8-David Harkness,9-Bruce Dodson,10-Steven Foote, 11-John Macintyre,12-Phillip Heaton, Coach,Mr Perkins.
I lived on Sur-Fons Street,St.Julians Court,with my family, mum Frances and dad Bill, brother Colin and sister Angela, we made lots of good friends,Steven and Christopher Nicholson,John and Tom Lisle,David Slingsby, Frankie Newman, Andrew Limb,Neil Mason,Nik Emmence, Patrick AND Antony Curtain.No memories of pals would not be complete without the mention of at least 1 girl......Angela Lloyd.
So moving along,gone on long enough, its not easy condensing down what I would like to share when it comes to my thoughts of Verdala and all the fabulous people I met. Not only time at Verdala, but ALL of my stay in Malta, days of playing footi in the street or all day at the beach. What a really wonderful time in my life Jan.1967-March 1969.
66610/02/2015Kathleen Flynn (Now Wise)I was at Verdala 1961-63. I was in Stevenson house. My teachers were the lovely Miss Moore (who told me I never had to sing God save the Queen because I was Irish!!) and Miss Townsend. I fondly remember a boy I had a massive crush on, His name was Steven Hansen. His dad was in the USA navy. I can't remember any surnames of friends but do remember a Susan. My sisters Ailish and Una were also pupils at the school. I love this site 😊
66509/02/2015ChrissieNortham Sometimes I wonder if as a 6 yr old shy child I really was sent off to first day at Verdala by bus on my own ? I remember the playground parting as all kids went to their classes and I was stood there lost ! I tell my grandsons but not sure they believe me !
66412/01/2015BrucePotterI attended RNS Verdala December 1962 - June 1965. My father was in the US Navy at HAFMED. Rex Carroll was my teacher all three years, fantastic! He would read passages from The Hobbit to us when we finished our lessons - changing his voice for each of the different characters. He was tolerant of my patriotism, allowing me to post an American flag in my inkwell on the 4th of July. I had great fun learning and playing football, now a devoted EPL fan across the pond. I recall that the most trouble that I got into at Verdala was when I dipped Emma Holland-Martin's ponytail into my inkwell - sorry Emma. My best friend was David West, we still communicate. I also remember Peter West, John Faucet, Nigel Fisher, Rona Smith,Ian and Reggie. Best times of my youth!
66325/07/2014GlenysEvans (Now Fear)I was at Verdala from 1964 -1966 and have many happy memories. I sang in the choir and played recorder and accordietta! We lived in Depiro St and I remember a retired gentleman who lived opposite complaining that I played the recorder on our balcony too much.I was also in a school production but can't remember the name.Belinda Ousbey, Jane Marston and Anne Caley were friends.
66210/07/2014LornaJones (Now Edwards)Hi, I am not too sure of my dates but think I must have been at this school from about 1961 to 1965. This was the first school I ever attended although I don't have many memories of the lessons, I remember being in the Nutcracker as a flower and a snowflake. I have two brothers who are 4 and 5 years older than me Laurence and John Jones. We lived in Sliema, 5 Stella Maris st, with a Maltease family so didn't really get chance to make a lot of Navy friends. My dad was in the Navy, Jack Jones sadly he has now passed away. My mum Irene is doing great at 88 this year! The other memory I have of this school is when I lost my Topo Gigio key ring, I was so upset. I remember there being a big case of them in lost property and I guess I could have had one of them but they didn't have mine (it had an orange t-shirt)! We have been back a few time and may be coming back this year. I love Malta and will always think of it as my home. Will post some photos when I dig them out!
66109/07/2014StevenPopeI lived in Taxbiex from 1969-1972. I remember going to Verdala for a very short time, this must have been my first ever school as i was only 5 when we left Malta. I remember the freezing cold swimming pool and the infants block. Also the sports day and im sure there was a carnival float being made in part of the school too. Hopefully going back to show my wife in 2015
66001/07/2014BarbaraTaylorI was a Verdala school 1956 - 1959, my father was in the navy and we lived in Tigne street in Sliema, my brother Peter went to Tal Handaq we were sorry to leave the island, but I have been back over 17 times as it feels like home, I now
Take my husband every year and last year we took our granddaughter, I'm so pleased I found this Web site, roll on Sunday when we fly out again.
65916/06/2014NigelFyfeMy Wife and I have spent a wonderful week during May in Malta driving 250k in a hire car around Gozo and Malta. But due to the house building and road works over the years or more accurately a 51 year old's memory of a 10 year, we didn't find every thing I wanted to. But Valletta, Mosta and the other main centers were exactly as expected. Weather great and wish everyone who visits the enjoyment and pleasure we had during our stay
65815/06/2014GeoffHoltWonderful to find this site. Happy days indeed. I now live in Gibraltar and the similarities between the "Rock" and the island are amazing. Always wanted to return to Malta and now in the process of organising the trip. Sadly my dates will not coincide with the reunion.
A big thank you to all those who have set this site up. Lovely!
65729/04/2014AnnaFarish (Was O'brien)Came across this whilst looking for info on Luqa Junior School. It seems Verdala and Tal Handaq (I attended TH -69/71 & 72/73) are well covered but not so much for Luqa :(. Like most who were fortunate to be posted abroad and offered an education 'par excellence' via the RNS I have fond memories of sunny afternoons lounging around Kalafrana after a hard morning at school in the summer terms. I still recall the 'whiteness' of all the buildings, if not from limestone then paint!. Utterly brilliantly the best of days.
65626/04/2014SusannaCookHave just discovered this wonderful site. I was at Verdala between 1968 - 1970 before going to boarding school at 11.
Mr Why was my form teacher for 2 years. Special memories are the buses and the stalls selling sweets(disgusting ones) at the bottom of the step hill where the buses waited.
65508/04/2014DebbieSmithHi just found this site.I was at Verdala from 68-71 and had Mrs Farrugia as one of my teachers. Don't remember many names. April Sharkey, Colin Monday who lived in the army flats opposite us and Angela Reid who I kept in touch with for a while. Happy days
65406/04/2014NigelFyfeI have booked a holiday in Malta this May to return for the first time since I left on 23 April 1963 and have used this site as a source of information to go back and have a look. 51 years since the last time and thank you for the wealth of information contained
65307/03/2014LawrenceMagrinBrought many nice memories of English childhood friends whose dads served in the Royal Navy and where stationed at H.M.S St. Angelo. I am still in touch with Carole Lauren Kelly (maiden surname was Clapton) from Weymouth. Her brother Paul Clapton was one of my best friends. I also remember the Webster family as well.
65218/02/2014LukeSumnallMy grandfather, Commander Sumnall, worked at the school in the early 1960's. Unfortunately he died in 1986 and thus I have never met him. I am doing some research about him and I was wondering if any old pupils have any memories about him they could share with me?
65112/02/2014ElizabethEdwardsVerdala Infants 1971-1974,my brother David was at Verdala and Tal-Handaq. Remember the warm milk, sitting on the mat doing times tables every morning. Just discovered this site, had forgotten about the wonderful swimming pool.Am going back to Malta on Friday with my kids, want to show them Verdala but need to know how to find it. Has anybody got an address. My father worked in the Education branch (on the Verdala site) and we were thefirst family back on the island after the 1972 withdrawal, as he had to set up the schools again before the families could come back. We were taught at home by my mum, so glad when the schools re-opened!
Lived in Hal-Far, many happy days spent at Kalafrana, now concreted over. Does anybody remember the Sat. morning bus to the cinema at Luqa for the Saturday morning matinee?
I, too, was one of the 'mounted troopers'. My parents still have the photo at home.
I remember making the helmets, perhaps you do too. The reason was they all had to be made to measure, and my father, who taught at Verdala, took us in to the handicrafts classroom to make them.
Many, many years later, with my father looking on, I repeated the exercise with my two oldest sons. They loved them.
64922/12/2013JohnThompsonHi to all responsible for this trip down memory lane. I tried a few years ago to get connected with you all but I fell by the wayside for some reason; now back spending hours trawling through comments and remembering my time at Verdala -1954-56 and an earlier period probably around 1950-52.

I remember my last class room was in the ditch and racing to be first to collect the empty cigarettes tins left by the sailors, climbing on the ropes and being in a concert one year: dressed as a horse guard with a flowing red cape riding a wooden horses head. Anyone else remember that time? Schoolteachers I remember; one was the headmaster’s wife, another was engaged to a local fellow and another man lived on his yacht and told great stories that he made up.

When Dad was discharged from the navy we migrated to Australia and settled in Melbourne, I have lived in Brisbane for the last thirty-five years. Would like to hear from any other old Verdalians who live in Australia.
64807/12/2013JudithDentI was a pupil at Verdala from 1969 to the sudden departure of us all in 1972. I was in Nelson house.
I can say that leaving the island within 2 weeks of the announcement was a major event in my life. I didn't get to say goodbye to my friends at school and lost touch with them.
64726/11/2013SheilaFallonMy father worked at Dingli Wireless Station but had been stationed in Malta during WWII whilst in the Fleet Air Arm, my mother was a supply teacher I believe and worked at Verdala occasionally. I particularly loved the school's approach - character building, motivational, great fun and remember the rope-climbing set-up particularly, playing marbles in the sand, the palm tree,the bastion walls, the projects that were always on the go. We put on a play called The Little Space-Man, written by Mr Ousby - the whole school was involved in either acting in it or supplying the music or scenery or selling tickets - it was that kind of school. We lived in a flat in Sliema at first, an old place full of cockroaches then moved to a new-build in Paceville, St Julians Bay, I was in the brownies at school, did some ballet, went riding at Marsa on polo ponies, did a little sailing, lots of roller-skating and had the best time - as many other people on the site have stated. It probably was the best time of our lives and I miss Malta, must go back!
64625/11/2013SheilaFallonIt's great to have found this site. I was at Verdala School from 1959-62 - and of course loved it! Don't recognise anyone from the photos (maybe Mr Ousby) but it brings back a lot of other memories, those buses etc. Great times!
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64413/10/2013GrahamCoverdaleMy brother and I went to verdala from 1957-1959.Unable to recall classes or teachers names but remember making good use of the climbing frame and marble pitch.(I Still have them safe in an old OXO tin).On arrival in Malta stayed in Luqa Briffa street then we moved to St Julians Court Balluta Bay.Father worked at Lascaris signal station.Happy days!!
64306/10/2013ShirleyBurrows Nee Millam Hi I went to Verdalla school 1973-1974, as my mum was maltease and my dad British I lived with my nana in Kalkara, I don't really remember much about the school but do remember playing with some English boys that lived in The Rinella married quarters, I also remember running into one of these boys a few years later in Gibralter! I have lovely memories of Malta which improve every year I visit to see my Nana x x
64207/09/2013Susan WilcoxI went to Verdala in the 50's . Had completely forgotten about it until looking thru old photos I found some of the school & looked it up online . It is great to see the old pics. My friend Elise made a comment on a photo , I'd love to get in touch with her again. I live on the west coast of Canada , on Vancouver Island , it is a gorgeous place to be . I remember the climbing frames and all the tricks we could do on the playground equipment , great fun !!
64109/08/2013SteveKellyWas at Verdala with my sister Jacqui from 72 -76. Great great memories from both the school and where we lived in Birze-buga. Remember well the school bus races between the 'Birze-banger' and 'Tony the tiger'. I was in Vincent and think Mr Collins was my teacher.He used to read' the Hobbit to use every friday. Jacqui has since been back for a visit with both her husband and son. Loved the place:)
64009/08/2013SteveKellyI was at Verdala from 1972-76 with my sister Jacqui. She spent her last year or so at Tal-Handaq. I have great great memories of both the school and our house at Birze-buga. I was in Vincent an Mr collins was my teacher and would read the Hobbit to us every friday. We've still got some photo's and jacqui has managed to get back for avisit with her husband, she met up with our old land lady Rita. Just loved the place:)
63907/08/2013StephenGribbinI was at that school for two and a half years round about 1967 1968
63825/07/2013GouldWildJust found this page its brought back so many memories... My father was on minesweepers HMS Wakeful springs to mind. I went to Veradala just after the Queens coronation and was there when she visited as queen with Charlies and Anne...I can remember waving a union jack from the balcony in the school once when The Duke of Edingborough landed in a helicopter in the school grounds.
I lived opposite the Football Stadium in Gzira and remember the creek and The Forth ship which was moored there.
Loved the school climbing frames and bars which we soon learned to spin on no health and safety rules then!!
Great Memories
63719/07/2013MichaelKingstonWas at Verdala pre War from 1936 to 1940 or thereabouts when we were transferred to St Georges Barracks Then to a Villa in Tax Biex my class helped pack a lot of kit for the transfer to Tal Handaq I then joined H M Dockyard as an electrical apprentice.
63614/07/2013MichelleManickamI loved Verdala and Tal Handaq so much that I've bought a house in Malta. Was at Verdala 74-76. Brilliant to be taught by Mr Medlicott, Miss Wilde and Mr Collins. Loved the swimming pool, sport, climbing frames and have vivid memories of the Vulcan crash. Now live near Yeovil so very interested to read that a reunion is planned for later this year.
63530/06/2013DavidHebdenGreat website this !. Our family were there between 1953 - 1956. I was aged around 9 then. My elder brother Herby and sister Jean were also there. We lived ( and schooled ) at Luqa then later Tal Handaq. Then lived at quarters in Notre Dame in Floriana.We are off back there in September 2013 with younger brother Charles for a holiday in Sliema.
63430/06/2013PaulDaviesI went to Verdala school in 1973 to 1974. Was part of the St. Vincent color house. My memories 40 years later are still vivid for sandstone buildings, soccer field with no grass and exploring the bastions.

My school days were great.

63328/06/2013SusanDaviesMyself and my to brothers went to cereals school in the early 70s what a fab time and school. Paul and Alan,susan Davies. have fond memories of Mr bond also his birthday was the same as mine.I used to get called on stage with him. and everyone sang happy birthday to us.
63222/06/2013SandraTrundleI lived in a flat in Marshall Court, Gzira, near Sliema and went to Verdala between 1951 and 1954. I have little memory of the school, except being taught to write beautifully, the climbing frames and ghastly butter beans with almost every meal. My father was a chargeman of electricians in HM Dockyard on the floating dock which, at that time, was the largest floating dock in the world. I remember a huge party in the grounds when the Queen was crowned. I remember everyone seemed to own a budgerigar.
63111/06/2013MargaretHollandWas at verdala 1957/8 then tal'handaq till 59 -we
lved in Cospicua -my father was dockyard chaplain .
I don't remember too much except I was in the Ditch in Mrs Barkaway's class ,in the house with the red sash ;we played jacks , marbles and two-ball a lot of the time .It was very hot and I was very happy .
63015/05/2013JanisDucatArrived in Malta for our second trip (first was 1953- 56) in May 61 so only spent a couple of months at Verdala. Then on to Tal Handak. Dad worked at Dingli Wireless Station. We lived in St Julians for 2 yrs then moved to Egmont Close. I went horse riding at Marsa Army Stables - fabulous polo ponies and great fun riding round the racecourse and over the golf course. Remember well the Dockyard Club on friday nights to bingo with parents and meeting all the other kids there - the air was so thick with cig smoke you could hardly see across the room!!I recall Bus 53, 54 and 55 to school and the hair- raising journeys we had! Then there was the swimming at Tigne off the rocks, and the beaches - Paradise and Golden Bay etc. Ive always cherished these memories and appreciated that I had an almost idyllic childhood. Those were the best days of my life!
62914/05/2013TonyMumaI attended Verdala School in the 1960?s for a short time, I recall being in choir, learning to sing there, making movies, the rope climb, playing cricket, football, a poem I still remember its title ? All for the loss of a horse shoe nail? which was about overlooking the little details. As a half American and half Maltese my sisters and I weren't accepted much by either the British or the Maltese at the time, so I saw the vice principal?s ?T-Square? a few times for simple things like getting to school late.
62810/05/2013PhillRosePerhaps we should have done a number of clones of Miss Rowe and fed them into todays education system, she would sort out the precious little dears.
62713/04/2013MargaretShuteI was at Verdala from 1959 - 1961 taught by the wonderful Miss Rowe who got me through the 11+.
I was in Drake house. In my class was Elizabeth Bingley the daughter of the Commander in Chief of the Med.. fleet. I remember Almena Glover, Christopher Looker, Shiela Saxby. I remember Commander Brooks and the school hymn Jerusalem. I remember my school bus being stoned going through Cospicua. We lived in Ghajn Dieli Rd and then Cospicua Rd in Paola. My dad served on HMS Girdleness until he was badly injured while at sea.

62606/04/2013JaneCrealockWas at Verdala c.66-69, remember little sister starting. Played French Skipping and banged head on fire extinguisher, had to go hospital for stitchs, mum found out when returned covered in blood! loved the ghost stories re passages and well, went to Brownies, in St Vincent, two bus s from st Julians used to race to school, the oldest bus was best. Good Times.
62504/04/2013MargaretMillingtonStarted in 1954 and left in 1957. Remember the gymslip and wore red sash and tie, thought house name was tudor, but am obviously wrong.
62403/04/2013MargaretMillingtonI was at Verdala from 1954-1956, but only have vague recollections of being there. Don't recognise any of the names from those years. Do remember the Christmas parties on board ship and the means to get onto the ship.

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