3 February 2009

Hello all - Just in case you have any good ideas about how we can spread the word I've attached a sheet of 4 flyers and 3 messages to go with them (hmm, thinks, that wasn't very clever planning was it?!) (But then not all flyers will need a message!) They're both 'Word' documents - I hope you can open them! If not I can turn them into j-pegs but that's about as far as my limited expertise will take us!! Oh yes, and first comes the result of Jane Banks sending a flyer to her local Scarborough newspaper. Of course a lot of former Dingli people must live in the town so it's obviously a good area to advertise but if anyone lives in a naval town, or Bath or Cheltenham they might also be fruitful areas!

I've sent a whole lot to ex-servicemen's clubs, RN clubs and sailing clubs in the Portsmouth area. It's been in the 'Where are they now' column of the local paper but I might send one of these as a follow-up in case they'd like to do a piece. On the long thin messages the wording can and should be changed to whatever you want but I've left it as a suggestion. For local ones I've had my address across the top as well but am not keen for it to go all round Britain (oh yes, and not forgetting Australia, Sue!)

Alastair, would it be any good putting these on the site do you think? There might be some good ideas forthcoming!

I hope you're all keeping warm and not snowed in! One of my daughters spends her days driving round to schools in Sussex so for her there was no point in going to work today!

Sahha - I look forward to meeting you / seeing you again!