The 1950s

This section will evolve into editorial and memories of events that took place in the 50s.  If you have particular Verdala material appropriate for this section let the Webmaster, Alastair know.

Editorial and stories:


Foreword 1954 - Cmdr Bellamy

 Junior summary:

Junior update 1954

 Infant department:

Infant update 1954

 School summary:

School notes 1954


Articles and magazine contributions 1954

 Junior report:

1958 Junior Summary

Junior Writings:

1958 Junior Writings

 Infant report:

1958 Infant Summary

 Junior report:

1959 Junior Summary

 Infant report:

1959 Infant Summary

My time at Verdala, 1951-53

A recollection by Roger Langley (submitted 15 November 2014)

A picture of Captain Miles escorting Princes Elizabeth circ 1950/51