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Hello and welcome aboard. From the early 1950s to the 1970s RNS Verdala was the school for many Naval children based in Malta. This site gives you the opportunity to re-establish contact with past pupils and teachers. It gives you the opportunity to share your experiences and memories. The idea is to assemble historical material; photographs of interest; documents of events; maybe even a school report if they still exist! Call it a "virtual" chronicle of Verdala.   Feel free to leave your contact details in the Roll Call and do please sign the Guest BookPlease feel free to join in and contribute to the  Have a look at the Gallery

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History of Tal Handaq and Verdala
First Reunion 2002 Plan organised
by Christiane Morris
Malta 2005 Reunion Plan organised
by Lin Holdsworth
March 2009 Reunion Plan organised
by Sue Adams
Malta 2010 Reunion Plan organised
by Pauline Mendez
October 2013 Reunion organised
by Sue Adams
October 2014 Malta Reunion organised
by Pauline Mendez and Tony Foote
People tracing suggestions
Local newspapers:
Malta Independent
Times of Malta
Maltese Cross history:
**From the scholastic year 2008-2009 Guzeppi Despott Boys' Junior Lyceum and Lorenzo Gafa Boys' Secondary amalgamated and became St. Margaret's College Boys' Secondary. Link to school page
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2008 to 2010. Drill down and you will see some interesting comments.  The Forum was closed down in 2010 due to it being rather cumbersome to navigate.

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11 December 2019

If anyone is interested in joining a current and new Verdala Facebook Group here is a  link .  Please note that this Group is not maintained or run by

23 May 2018

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4  March 2018

From Pauline Mendez:
Possible Verdala Reunion in Malta -  week of 26th September '18. Please contact Pauline Mendez at as soon as possible to register contact details.

4  February 2018

Roy Jenkins funeral will be on 16 February, 14.30, at All Saints Church, Victoria Avenue, Porthcawl , CF36 3HE.

31 January 2018

I regret to say that my Father, Roy Jenkins, died last night, 30 January, in Bridgend Hospital. As you know, he was on the staff at Verdala from 1958 to 1964 and was known and respected by so many. We are going to miss him. I would be grateful if you would insert something in the 'news' column. If anybody would like to reply, they can do so to my email address.
Many thanks. Best regards.
Chris Jenkins

23 December 2016

Pauline Mendez:  The school donation money raised relating to the 2016 reunion was 500 euros. It has been put to good use and spent on doing up a relaxation and reading area in the library for the benefit of the students.

28 July 2016

Martin Powell has reminded us that Verdala finally closed on 14 July 1976. Forty years ago! The press announcement is in the Time Line section.

28 July 2016

From Sue Adams: I was wondering if you would be kind enough to put a blurb on the Verdala website? Tom Nielsen- Marsh who is the editor of the bfes-scea association has included a potted history of Verdala in the latest newsletter and has asked if anyone has memories of the school. I thought he might welcome some of the comments from the many ex- pupils and possibly some staff who use the Verdala website.
I have copied Tom in here - so if you have any particular questions, perhaps email him for clarification. Tom's email is:

13 June 2016

September 2016 Reunion.  Even for those not going to the Reunion this may be of interest......... Go to Link

12 June 2016

Mrs Ivy Jackson (who as Mrs Eaton was Infants' Head from about 1953 to '57) sadly died last month - at the splendid age of 97! Our time at Verdala only overlapped by two weeks but our paths crossed in the UK later. An intrepid traveller, she blazed a trail, visiting interesting places round the Mediterranean every school holiday. Many of us on the staff later followed in her wake - seeing as much as possible as cheaply as possible then hopefully passing on the excitement of our adventures to our classes!! In spite of her quiet and gentle voice she was firm and organised to the end. When she knew that she was too tired to go on she phoned several old friends 'to say Goodbye' and two days later she was gone. A great loss for all who knew her.  Submitted by Liz Mardel.

10 June 2016

We have sadly recently been advised by Judy Skelton that her sister Sally Wagner (nee Skelton) died on 4th February 2016. Sally will be known to some of you through her recent attendance at Verdala Reunions.

28 January 2016

Proposed Malta get together September 2016 - being organised for the week of Monday 19th - 25th September.  Please CLICK HERE for more information. The organiser is Pauline Mendez and she can be reached on email address

27 January 2016

Liz Mardell has notified us of the sad news for all followers of talhandaqnostalgia. David Gerrard the webmaster died on the 17th Jan. So many memories for all ex-RN schools pupils on that site as well as this one. His funeral - 3pm Tues. 2nd Feb. Weston Mill Crematorium, Plymouth PL2 2EP

14 November 2015

You are invited to our exhibition on 'The Commonwealth' at St Margaret College BS Verdala from 24th to 26 November 2015 9.00 to 11.00 if in Malta.
Timing of exhibition is from 9.00 to 13.00. We will be focusing on Malta during the British Rule. Warm regards to all.
Please contact Rita DeBattista at St Margarets College for any further information.

5 December 2014

IMPORTANT. Subject: Northern Ireland Get Together in October 2015.

From Pauline Mendez: Please email me at if interested so I have the list in one place with uptodate email addresses.
I HAVE to know of the 'interest' to hold the hotel and I have until the end of January '15 to see if it is going to be worthwhile.
Need to know how many and what kind of room and if people can do stairs?If not, there is another hotel close by with a lift.

16 November 2014

Salter Album - Book Launch 13 November 2014

Video: from the Salter Album link - Verdala as a Prison Camp

7 November 2014

1967 School Inspectors' Report - Department of Education and Science:
Report by H.M. Inspectors on The Royal Naval School, Verdala, Malta found in the National Archives and submitted by Christine Catton.

31 October 2014

**Pauline Mendez is proposing a Verdala gathering in Northern Ireland during October 2015. Are you interested? Please contact Pauline directly with your feedback and/or interest relating to this proposal.**
13 October 2014

The 2014 Malta Reunion Gallery is now open to accept pictures. Upload Link

A School Group Photograph taken on 8 October 2014

06 July 2014

The Verdala Domain transfer is now complete. If anyone comes across any quirks please let Alastair know. It may be fixable! 

23 February 2014

Book: Malta Child by Vivien Jones

8  January 2014

Donald McDonald has a new book coming out shortly. Link to book cover. Link to Amazon

22 December 2013

Dates for your diary. A brief outline of the proposed 2014 Reunion in Malta. More information to follow shortly.
Back to front this time!!!
School visit WEDNESDAY 8th October 2014.
The week beginning Monday 6th October is what we envisage for the welcome drinks and the dinner.
Venues to be decided. Other than the outline plan, the time is your own.

4 November 2013

A plan is being drawn up to hold a Reunion in Malta in 2014. It will probably be around the w/c 6th October with a visit to Verdala followed by a lunch during that week. Pauline Mendez and Tony Foote have volunteered to organise this event.

27 October 2013

The October 2013 Reunion gallery is now ready to use.

13 August 2013

Reunion evening agenda and Menu Selection Card sent out to attendees.

28 June 2013

Reunion follow up and update sent out

27 February 2013


21 January 2013

There is to be a UK Reunion in Yeovil this year on 26 October 2013. More information to follow shortly

17 January 2013


20th October 2011

I am very sad to have to inform you that my father, Rex Carrell, passed away peacefully from lung cancer on 15th October 2011 with his family by his side. Malta was such a big part of his life from 1958 to 1965. Picture link: Rex and Joy Carrell

27th September 2010

A Malta September 2010 Reunion picture upload and view section has been created in the Gallery

1st September 2010

14th-16th September 2010 Malta Reunion information sheet: Link

30th August 2010

For information: The Webmaster has just been made aware that there is a reunion on 13th September 2010 in Malta. Andrew West is co-ordinating this event. 

**27 January 2009

Colours of Malta: Take a look at picture 14 of the 28 in this stunning powerpoint (converted to PDF) that Brother Martin Azzopardi of St Margaret's College has just sent! It all looks a bit different now! AND HAVE THEY REPLACED THE PALM TREE?! That doesn't look like it! - Liz. [loads as an Adobe file-please be patient-long pause at end of loading]

**8 October 2008

Initial details of the 2009 reunion.  A mailshot notification will be sent out shortly to all known email addresses. Make sure that your email address held by is current otherwise you could miss out. All reunion correspondence and questions should be directed to Sue Adams.  2009 Reunion Main Page

**13 September 2008

There is a mini reunion on 5th October at the Magic Kiosk, Sliema at 12 noon, probably 5 ex Verdalans going.

**5 September 2008

Have a look at a You Tube film of Malta  [make sure sound is on]

** 12 January 2008 **

NEW:Email address update facility.  Register your change of email address.  Anyone who inserted a Guest Book entry or completed the Roll Call some years ago may be missing out on being contacted.

**17 November 2006

Demolition and building works at Verdala. Submitted by Chris Jenkins.Picture Link

**Peter Prictoe. Verdala's most  senior pupil.To Malta with Love

**7 March 2006

At the risk of breaching BBC copyright here it is; the recording of  Scottish Shorts, Tomato Sauce Credits go to Vivian Jones

**7 March 2006

We have recently been advised by Martin Powell that his father  Bert Powell, a teacher at Verdala in the early 60s, died suddenly in December.

** 20 November 2005

Times of Malta article: Verdala Reunion- link

The Verdala Story by Rita Debattista.  Please kindly note page 2.  Should you require a copy of the Powerpoint Presentation please contact Rita.  The site presentation is in a locked Adobe file format. When loaded, hit Enter or Page Down to see the whole presentation. Z